Madness and migraines? Side effects of trying to negotiate the Medicare maze

Earlier this year, hundreds of New York City retirees protested the city’s plan to change their healthcare. (Luiz C. Ribeiro / Getty Images) More than half a century ago, while working as a teenage playground aide, I made my first payroll-deducted contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Recently the federal government sent me a letter […]

Making Medicare Easy

Making Medicare Easy Empowering Employee Healthcare Choices: The Role of Licensed Insurance Brokers in Medicare Transition Introduction As employees approach the Medicare age, the decision to switch from employer-sponsored group insurance to Medicare can be a complex task. Forward-thinking employers are now offering the expertise of licensed insurance brokers to assist in this crucial decision-making […]

Financial Wellness and Group Long Term Care

This is a great article written by our friend Steve Cain, a leading authority on long-term care insurance.  Learn more about how Long-term Care insurance and LTC education  fits right into an employer’s financial wellness program.    I like the reference to a 401K plan. Financial Wellness Programs Can Benefit From A Group Long Term Care […]

More Employers Are Offering Long-Term Care Insurance!

I just returned from visiting my Mom at her residential care facility. She was sitting with her private caregiver in the dining room having lunch, or actually, trying to order it.   My mom has dementia and even a small task like selecting an item on the menu is a monumental undertaking.     Her waitress stood patiently […]

Short-Term Health Insurance: Cheaper is not Always Better!

About a month ago, I received a call from a former client who was between jobs. She let her health insurance policy lapse and said “something” happened over the weekend and she needed to see a doctor right away. She wanted to purchase an individual policy and thought a short-term policy would be the answer. […]

Five Stars for VICA’s May Labor and Employment Committee meeting!

As business owners and decision makers we mostly hear from employment attorneys about labor updates and tools to protect our businesses.    At VICA’s  May Labor and Employment Committee meeting we had the rare opportunity to hear from plaintiff attorney, Eric Kingsley, who presented his “Ten Top Tips for Employers”.   Here are the takeaways  . . . […]

Small Employer Commuter Benefits, Good or Bad?

A.B. 2548 Commuter Benefit Policies?    I was about to fall asleep at the VICA Transportation Committee meeting this week wondering why I was there until this topic came up for discussion.   I had never really thought about it much before.  Hmm, employer sponsored commuter benefit programs.   I knew our larger clients offered employees a commuter […]