Five Stars for VICA’s May Labor and Employment Committee meeting!

As business owners and decision makers we mostly hear from employment attorneys about labor updates and tools to protect our businesses.    At VICA’s  May Labor and Employment Committee meeting we had the rare opportunity to hear from plaintiff attorney, Eric Kingsley, who presented his “Ten Top Tips for Employers”.   Here are the takeaways  . . .

  1. Really look at Pay stubs, really look!
  2. At year end, check minimum wage standards
  3. Don’t skimp on breaks!
  4. Piece rate is inadvisable
  5. Pay for cell phones!
  6. Hire competent counsel
  7. Consider severance pay
  8. Arbitration – Be careful what you wish for!
  9. If the Plaintiff attorney is experienced consider engaging early
  10. Don’t be petty!

I give five stars to the committee chair, Sue Bendavid, Labor and Employment Department Chair at Lewitt Hackman, for stepping outside the box and providing another perspective on behalf of business.